Privateer Press unveiled Brineblood Marauders Core Army Starter, a new starter set for Warmachine: MKIV, which will hit retail in July 2023.

The Brineblood Marauders are a group of pirates that raid the coast of Immoren from the Gulf of Cygnar to the Windless Wastes. These seafaring trolls seek their fortunes by pillaging settlements and exact revenge for the injustices the nations of men have brought upon their kinfolk. This starter army includes 22 miniatures, which is enough models to play a 50-point game. The box comes with a Captain Firequill, a Reef Troll, a Deepborne Dire Troll, 2 Marauder Crew units, a Pyg Boarding Party unit, a Galley Crew unit, a Bosun command attachment, a Quartermaster command attachment, and a Surgeon.

This boxed set retails for $199.99.

Privateer Press also recently released Orgoth Sea Raiders Army Expansion and Cygnar Storm Legion Army Expansion, for Warmachine MKIV, in January 2023 (see "Two 'Warmachine MKIV' Expansions").

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