Privateer Press announced Orgoth Sea Raiders Army Expansion and Cygnar Storm Legion Army Expansion, for Warmachine MKIV, which will release in January 2023.

The Orgoth Sea Raiders Army Expansion allows players to switch up their tactics with a new warcaster and find new combos with the character solo. This set will add options to the Core Army Starter (see "'Warmachine: MKIV'") that allow players to field 75 to 100 point armies. It comes with the following 3D Resin models: Sabbreth, the Eternal Annihilation Warcaster, Reaver Skirmishers Unit (5 models), Ulkor Axers Unit (3 models), Rhok Harrier Unit (3 models), Therion Vhanek Character Solo, and Vulcar Forge Master Solo.

The Cygnar Storm Legion Army Expansion also adds a new warcaster with potential combos to the mix and offers players a way of fielding 75 to 100 point armies with their Core Army Starter. This set comes with a Captain Madison Calder Warcaster, Stormthrower Legionnaires Unit (5 models), Tempest Assailers Unit (3 models), Storm Lance Legionnaires Unit (3 models), Lieutenant Sara Brisbane Character Solo, and Sharpshooter Solo. Both of these two expansions will retail for $129.99.

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