Paizo Inc. has revealed Pathfinder 2E Remaster Project, a multi-core rulebook refresh initiative and release, that will begin releasing into retail in November 2023.

The goal of Paizo's new initiative to offer fresh, updated editions of their core Pathfinder 2E rulebooks as an entry point for new players. The project comes after Paizo recently ran out of Pathfinder 2E core rulebooks during the OGL 1.1 leak and aftermath (see "Paizo Runs Out"). It should be reiterated that this project is a remastering of the current Pathfinder 2E rulebooks, and according to Paizo's extensive FAQ on the release, is completely compadible will current Pathfinder 2E products. The remastered versions of the rulebooks will include some rules updates and comprehensive errata.

In November 2023, they will release a Pathfinder Player Core book and a Pathfinder GM Core book. This will be followed up in March 2024 by a Pathfinder Monster Core book and a Pathfinder Player Core 2 book. These books will all be released as hardcovers.