Renegade Game Studios will release Raise the Flagg, a campaign expansion for G.I. JOE Deck-Building Game, which will hit retail in October 2023.

In this new expansion, players set sail on the U.S.S. Flagg with Admiral Keel-Haul and Shipwreck.  On the high seas, the JOE team will battle Cobra to keep the world safe through multiple missions.  This expansion introduces a campaign mode to the game, and allows players to change and upgrade the U.S.S. Flagg as they complete missions.  The box actually comes with a giant constructible U.S.S. Flagg and two Skystrikers for players to assemble and use in the game.

The game box includes a campaign manual, 5 Leader and promoted Leader cards, 19 Main Deck cards, 6 Sealed Campaign Envelopes, a constructible U.S.S. Flagg, 2 constructible Skystrikers, 5 U.S.S. Flagg Upgrade tokens, and 5 Damage tokens.  This game is for one to four players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 70 minutes.  It will retail for $45.00.

Renegade Game Studios also revealed Cobra Codex Sourcebook, for G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game (see "Cobra is Recruiting New Operatives").