WizKids will release a wave of Pathfinder Deep Cuts, new miniatures packs, which will hit retail in November 2023.

This Pathfinder Deep Cuts wave of miniatures adds new sculpts of characters and monsters to the mix.  These miniatures come primed and ready to paint.  The packs also feature clear packaging so customers know what miniatures they are buying.

The wave includes the following packs:

Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Urdefhan Death Scout & Lasher (MSRP $4.99)
Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Plague Zombie & Skeletal Champion (MSRP $4.99)
Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Wood Giant (MSRP $8.99)
Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Magma Scorpion (MSRP $8.99)

Paizo, Inc. recently partnered with FanRoll Dice for Pathfinder RPG dice and accessories, which include a line of high end dice, dice trays, and more (see "'Pathfinder RPG' Dice and Accessories").

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