Jasco Games has rebranded as UVS Games and announced new IPs for the UniVersus CCG system.

The rebranding occurs as Jasco tries to open up a new chapter in their company's history.  Jasco Games has been around since 1998 and had primarily been known for their UniVersus Collectible Card Games.  About a year and a half after being bought by POW! Interactive Holdings Corp. (see "POW!"), Jasco will now rebrand as UVS Games, which synergizes with the branding of the UniVersus CCG line of games.  The rebrand will also come with a new logo and card back for UniVersus CCG games (old card backs can be used in the same decks as new ones, as long as the deck is sleeved).

Along with a new name, a new logo, and new card backs, UVS Games announced a new product type for their IPs, the Challenger Series.  The Challenger Series is a new UniVersus CCG preconstructed deck and collector's booster product type designed to carry different IPs.  The first two products for this series will be Challenger Series: Cowboy Bebop and Challenger Series: Trigun Stampede.  Trigun Stampede is an entirely new IP to the UniVersus CCG product line.

“Our recent rebrand to UVS Games with a new logo and card back will have players buzzing with anticipation," said Paul Wharshavsky, co-founder UVS Games.  "Cowboy Bebop, Trigun Stampede, and My Hero Academia franchises coming to the UniVersus card-collecting franchise marks the beginning of our new brand UVS Games.”

My Hero Academia will also get a new CCG set with the UVS Games branding upgrade. My Hero Academia: Jet Burn will feature the character Hawks as well as a new type of UniVersus card: alternate art character cards.  Jet Burn will also be the first release to feature the new UniVersus card logo and card frame.  This set will hit stores in time for the holiday season.

Click on Gallery below for preview images of Jet Burn cards!