Paizo Inc. is inviting fans of Pathfinder to contribute to a month-long playtest of two new classes that will be featured in the upcoming Pathfinder War of Immortals rulebook:  the animist and the exemplar.

Pathfinder War of Immortals centers on a conflict in Golarion during which old gods will die and new immortal powers will compete to replace them.  The animist and the exemplar will play critical roles in this divine conflict, and both introduce new concepts to the Pathfinder system.

The animist will be a divine spellcaster with the power to bond with spirits who grant them powers in exchange for representing them in the physical world.  Mechanically, these spellcasters will be able to change their abilities based on the spirits they bond with.

The exemplar is a demigod who holds a spark of divinity within them.  They use receptacles called “ikons” to unlock their abilities, shifting their spark to different ikons to gain different effects and crafting their own divine “epithet” to create their legacy.

The Pathfinder War of Immortals playtest will run through the month of September.  Players can participate in their home games and through Paizo’s Organized Play Program.

The War of Immortals event will span multiple products releasing in 2024.

Paizo has announced plans for a playtest version of a new edition of Starfinder for next year (see “Paizo Announces ‘Starfinder 2E’”).