Paizo, Inc. announced Starfinder 2E, a new edition of the popular starfaring RPG, which will begin playtesting with the release of Starfinder Playtest Rulebook in summer 2024.

The unveiling of Starfinder 2E RPG was included in Paizo's keynote presentation for Gen Con 2023.  This new and updated edition will be published under the ORC License and will be compatible with Pathfinder 2E and the Remaster Project.

"With the finalization of the ORC License, and considering that Starfinder has been evolving since its release in 2017, we felt now was a perfect time to bring the system into the future," said Starfinder’s Managing Creative Director, Thurston Hillman.  "We want to take a moment to take all the things we’ve learned since Starfinder began, as well as lessons from the success of Pathfinder’s latest edition, and synthesize those together into a new and better version of Starfinder."

The Starfinder 2E RPG will be an open playtest and offer participants a deep look into development.  The first four classes to be playtested will be the Mystic, the Soldier, the Envoy, and Solarian.  The Starfinder Playtest Rulebook will release as a softcover rulebook.

Paizo also revealed Pathfinder: Elemental Stones, a new board game, for release into retail (see "'Pathfinder' Board Game").