Wizards of the Coast updated details for details for their release of Magic: The Gathering - Ravnica Remastered.

Ravnica Remastered is the first reprint set of 2024 that features retro frame shock lands and other powerful cards from the Ravnica sets (see "'Magic: The Gathering - Ravnica Remastered'").  WotC recently revealed key dates for the release of the set, which are as follows:

  • WPN Premium Deadline: October 27, 2023
  • Distributor Lock Date: October 27, 2023
  • Promotional Kit Delivery: Begins December 29, 2023
  • WPN Premium Preview Event: January 5–11, 2024
  • Set Release: January 12, 2024
  • Launch Party: January 12–14, 2024

They also released Launch Party details, which can be now scheduled through EventLink.  WPN stores will receive kit that contains participation promos for players and an allocation of Ravnica Remastered for prizing this event. WPN Premium stores, that receive that designation on or before October 27, 2023, will be about to run WPN Preview Events of this set as well.  These events can also be run as At-Home or Webcam events for stores not running organized play at this time.