Wizards of the Coast released product line details for Ravnica Remastered, a new reprint set for Magic: The Gathering, that will release on January 12, 2023.

This set was first teased during the WotC's Gen Con 2023 panel (see "Teases 2024 'Magic: The Gathering' Releases"). Like 2023's Dominaria Remastered (see "'Dominaria Remastered'"), the reprint set will feature some of Ravnica's most sought after cards in various treatments. It includes goodies like Shock Lands, in both retro frame and borderless treatments, and EDH staples in anime treatments. Ravnica Remastered is engineered for limited play and is optimized for the draft format.

The set comes in the following product configurations:

Ravnica Remastered Collector Booster Packs and Displays. Ravnica Remastered Collector Booster Boxes will include 12 Ravnica Remastered Collector Boosters that come with 15 Magic: The Gathering cards and a traditional foil double-sided token. The cards found in these packs will be a combination of 4-5 cards of rarity Rare or higher, 3-7 uncommons, 4-8 commons, a full-art land card, and the token.

Ravnica Remastered Draft Booster Packs and Displays. The booster packs for this set include 15 Ravnica Remastered cards optimized for the draft format, and come 36 packs to a display. Each pack comes with 1-2 card of rarity Rare or higher, 3 to 5 uncommons, 9 to 11 commons, and a land card. Traditional foils, of any rarity, replace a common in 33% of these boosters.

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