Renegade Game Studios revealed Master Builder, a Robo Rally expansion, for release into retail in March 2024.

Master Builder features a new way for players to build Robo Rally courses.  The expansion comes with eight 6x6 boards that allow for different course configurations and factory floor customizations.  These tiles are also playable on top of current 12x12 game boards.  It also introduces Factory Floor tokens, which can be placed anywhere on the board and have new gameplay elements attached to them.

The game box comes with 8 double-side Factory boards, a two-sided Docking Bay, 5 Upgrade cards, and 17 Factory Floor tokens.  It will retail for $25.

Renegade Game Studios also recently unveiled Transformers Robo Rally and G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle (see "'Transformers Robo Rally'").