Renegade Game Studios unveiled Transformers Robo Rally and G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle, two new board games, for release into retail in 2024.

Transformers and Robo Rally seem to be two IPs naturally made for one another.  In this game, players will choose between six different Transformers robots to play.  The Transformers each with their own upgrades that give them unique mechanics to use.  Players will also be able to run the course in both bot and alt modes to help give them an advantage in each race.  The game box will come with four completely new double-sided game boards representing the various landscapes of Velocitron.

“We knew we wanted to do a Transformers racing game and the stars aligned with Robo Rally," said Scott Gaeta, president and publisher at Renegade Game Studios.  "Now, Transformers fans can compete on Velocitron in a game fueled by Richard Garfield’s original Robo Rally design with additional design by the Renegade R&D team.”

There will also release G.I. JOE: Battle for the Arctic Circle, which runs on the Axis & Allies game engine.  The game will have over 110 figures, including characters such as the Snow Cat, W.O.L.F., Skystriker, and Rattler.  The game will also feature a mechanic revolving around the Weather Dominator that allows players to block pathways and build strategic bridges.

Renegade Game Studios also revealed Welcome to Night Vale Roleplaying Game, based on the popular podcast of the same name (see "'Welcome to Night Vale Roleplaying Game'").