The new year has arrived, and more showbiz news has trickled in.  Time for the first round-up of 2024!

The New Year's weekend box office numbers have hit the wire, and Wonka was the big winner, according to Variety.  The new movie, starring Timothee Chalamet, grossed $22.7 million for the weekend.  This beat out Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which came in second at $18.3 million.  Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom continued to underperform as it had in its first weekend (see "‘Aquaman 2; Disappoints").

Disney's Steamboat Willie has gone into public domain.  This animated short featured the first appearance of Mickey Mouse.  Filmmakers are already taking advantage of the IPs move to public domain.  Director Steven LaMorte announced on January 1, 2024 that he will develop a horror film based on the Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse, according to Variety.  This is similar to what Jagged Edge did with the Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey movie (see "More 'Blood and Honey'").

Marvel Entertainment released a sneak peak of What If...? Season 3 (see below).  Season 2 of this series began streaming on December 22, 2023 (see "'What If...?").

Actor Tom Wilkinson passed away on December 30, 2023, according to Variety.  He was a two-time Oscar nominee, and appeared in such films as The Full Monty and Shakespeare in Love.  DC fans will best remember him as Carmine Falcone in Batman Begins (see "'Batman Begins'").  Wikinson was age 75.

Netflix is planning a Wednesday spinoff, according to Deadline.  The new project will revolve around Fred Armisen's version of the Uncle Fester character (see "'Wednesday' Trailers").

Lionsgate officially closed out the purchase of Hasbro's eOne film and TV business on December 27, 2023.  The purchase price for the unit was $375 million, and allows Hasbro to retire $400 in floating debt (see "Down Quarter for Hasbro").

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