Renegade Game Studios revealed Battle for the Arctic Circle, a new G.I. Joe board game powered by the Axis & Allies board game engine, for release into retail in May 2024.

In Battle for the Arctic Circle, Cobra has invaded the North Pole and threatens the world with the Weather Dominator. Luckily, the Joes are ready to take on Cobra Commander and Destro with a force led by Admiral Keel-Haul and Snow Job. Battle for the Arctic Circle features over 100 plastic miniatures ready to help players engage in classic Axis & Allies gameplay over the course of the three scenarios included.

The game box comes with a game board, a rulebook, a Weather Dominator token, 8 Ice Hex tokens, 15 Cobra Faction control tokens, a Round Tracker token, 15 G.I. Joe Faction Control tokens, 2 player aids, 4 oversized Leader boards, 20 G.I. JOE Trooper miniatures, 20 Snow Serpent Trooper miniatures, 12 Snow Cat Vehicle miniatures, 12 W.O.L.F Vehicle miniatures, 10 Skystriker Aircraft miniatures, 10 Rattler Aircraft miniatures, 8 Aircraft Carrier miniatures, 10 Cruiser Ship miniatures, 8 dice, 48 plastic poker chips, and 2 plastic bags. This game is for two to four players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 90 minutes. It will retail for $60.00.

Renegade Game Studios also announced that Axis & Allies: North Africa , a new Axis & Allies game, has hit preorder (see " First New 'Axis & Allies' Game in a Decade Hits Preorder").