Renegade Game Studios announced that Axis & Allies: North Africa, a new Axis & Allies game, has hit preorder and is set for release in August 2024.

This is the first new Axis & Allies game released in a decade was picked as the new game via a community vote in 2023.  It was designed by Matt Hyra (see "New 'Vampire: The Masquerade' Card Game"), who worked closely with the original Axis & Allies creator Larry Harris to build this new installment.  Harris wrote the following about his collaboration with Hyra in the introduction to the Axis & Allies: North Africa rulebook:

"Right after the vote was in, Renegade asked me if I wanted to design the game alone or with their in-house designer, Matt Hyra," wrote Harris.  "I decided to be his Design Consultant, doing some of the basics like the map and other fun stuff, while Matt did the heavy lifting.  In this intricate dance of design, Matt took the lead role.  His dedication, professionalism, profound knowledge of the topic, and longstanding love for Axis & Allies quickly won my confidence.  After months of brainstorming and prototyping, Matt orchestrated the playtesting, meticulously reviewed the feedback, and steered the project from its inception to its triumphant conclusion."

The new game, naturally, explores the storied North African front of WWII, where brash General George S. Patton faced off against the "Desert Fox" General Erwin Rommel in tank warfare.  The game includes two scenarios to play through, Rommel’s Last Push and Operation Torch, and over 250 plastic miniatures to wage war with.  There are six new units added to the game as well: SdKfz 231, Panzer IV Tank, 6-pounder AT Gun, CMP Truck, SOMUA S35 Tank, and LRDG Jeep. It is for two to four players, ages 12 and up; plays in three to five hours and will retail for $90

Renegade also announced a reprint of the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition (see "'Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition' Announced") to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Axis & Allies Classic's release by the Milton Bradley Company in mass retail.  It is also currently on preorder and slated to hit stores in June 2024 with an MSRP of $130.