Wizards of the Coast unveiled another reprint the Tarmogoyf card, coming in the Magic: The Gathering - Universes Beyond Fallout booster set, which will release on March 8, 2024.  They have also released updated details on the new booster set, such as card treatments, promos, and more.

The product line details for the Fallout set were first released back in October 2023 (see "'Fallout' Set").  Since then, WotC has added some new information about which cards are exactly is in this set (see below) and some of the card treatments.  This set sees another reprint of one of Magic's former Modern format all-stars, the Tarmogoyf.

Tarmogoyf first started its reprint adventure in 2013, when the scarce Future Sight card was reprinted in the first Modern Masters set (see "A 'Modern' Success").  The reprint of Tarmogoyf was $118 on the secondary market shortly after release (see "Top 10 'MTG"), and rose to become priced at around $150 to $200 card.  A decade later, Tarmogoyf is due to see its 8th reprint (which includes a 30th Anniversary Promo and a reprint for The List) as the Scrounging Deathclaw mythic rare in the new Fallout set.  The market price of the first reprinting of Tarmogoyf stands at around $9 to $11 on TCGplayer as of the publication of this article.

Putting aside the reprint of Tarmogoyf, the new Fallout set has a number of new cards for Commander as well as spicy reprints.  In particular, WotC has reprinted Ravages of War in this set, a Portal Three Kingdoms card that has never seen a main set reprint.  The set features a few cool-looking card treatments with Fallout flavor, which include a Vault Boy treatment (which appear on cards in Commander decks and Collector Boosters), and a Pip-Boy Showcase treatment that can be found on Collector Boosters.  The set also has the usual full-art basic lands, borderless and extended art cards as well as cards that come in traditional foil, surge foil, and rainbow foil.  There will also be serialized Bobblehead cards, which were announced earlier.

There will also be three Fallout-themed Secret Lair drops coming soon.  The contents of these drops will be announced at a later date.  Also, WotC revealed a new Launch Party foil promo, War Room.

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