Marvel Comics will launch three more X-Men ongoing series as part of its X-Men: From the Ashes storyline in July.  They join the three “core” X-Men ongoing series, X-Men, launching in July; Uncanny X-Men, launching in August; and Exceptional X-Men, launching in September (see “Marvel Plans Three ‘Core’ X-Men Ongoings”).

First up is Phoenix, written by Stephanie Phillips, with art by Alessandro Miracolo and cover by Yasmine Putri, which launches July 17.  Jean Grey, in a new costume, receives an S.O.S. from Nova that takes her to the edge of a black hole, where she has to make a decision affecting hundreds of lives that will bring darkness to the universe.

On July 24, Marvel will launch NYX, written by Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, with art by Francesco Mortarino and cover by Sara Pichelli.  A mutant community of former X-Men students, including Ms. Marvel, Anole, Wolverine, Prodigy, and Sophie Cuckoo, navigate young adulthood, discrimination and threats.

In X-Force, launching July 31, Forge pulls together Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock, Sage, Surge, and Tank, with a guest appearance by Deadpool, in an off-the-books mission integral to the fate of the Marvel universe.