DMDave Publishing's two new Mork Borg compatible books, MekBorg and Steel Psalm, have raised $220,863 from 2,899 backers (about $77 per backer) on Kickstarter with a little over 24 hours to go.

These two highly-stylized books feature robot-on-robot battles in a dying universe campaign setting using the Mork Borg rules (see "'MORK BORG'"). The books include 22 pre-built Meks to choose from and rules for making custom Mek-Knights. They also contain information on Mek-Weapons and Mek-Mods as well as the pilot classes and four factions that exist in this setting. The books also come with an introductory scenario for MekBorg and a 10-part campaign.

The retailer tier for this project allows retailers to preorder five copies of each book plus the project's add-ons for $225. This project is scheduled to be delivered in December 2024.