Paizo, Inc. announced Pathfinder Quest, a new cooperative adventure board game, that will head to BackerKit.

In Pathfinder Quest, players assume the roles of heroes trying to help the town of Falcon’s Hollow avoid a catastrophe.  The story of Falcon's Hollow is told over eight of twelve possible adventures.  Players can create their own characters for the game as well as customize them with items, feats, and spells.  The choices players make and dice results determine how the game unfolds, thus making no two play-throughs the same and  increasing the replayability of the game.

The game box will come with an Adventure Book, a Challenge Book, map tiles, custom dice, hundreds of cards, monster pawns and some miniatures.  It supports one to four players.

Paizo, Inc. also recently updated release details for War of Immortals (see "'War of Immortals'").