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'Their War. Our World.'
July 10, 2017
Sony has released a new trailer for The Dark Tower , the sci-fi western based on the Stephen King novels.
With August Advertising Campaign
July 10, 2017
IDW Publishing will promote prostate cancer awareness with advertisements in their August titles.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
July 10, 2017
Another weekend gone by, another superhero movie lights up the box office charts and the Rotten Tomatoes scores.
Marvel Primer Pages; Nine Series, Covers Revealed!
July 09, 2017
Marvel has been rolling out the Marvel Legacy reveals over the last couple of days.
'Wonder Woman' Now Looks Like the #1 Movie of the Summer
July 09, 2017
There was good news for both the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes at the box office this weekend. Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios scored another coup by apparently reviving Sony’s overexposed Spider-Man franchise by bringing it in to the friendly confine
Containing Oversized Versions of Three Codenames Games
July 07, 2017
Czech Games Edition is offering retailers a special oversized demo kit containing oversize versions of Codenames games.
And How the Five-Movie Spider-Man Storyline Leads into What's Next
July 06, 2017
Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has explained how the Marvel and Spider-Man movie arcs connect.
From Archie Comics Publications
July 06, 2017
Here is a preview of Marvel Comics Digest #2 - The Avengers from Archie Comics.
Column by Steve Bennett
July 05, 2017
This week, Bennett talks about the Inhumans trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and the effort to get his broken arm treated.
Stan Lee Endorses
July 02, 2017
Marvel has revealed new elements of its Legacy initiative, which will kick off with a Legacy #1 one-shot that leads into series renumbered according to legacy numbering.
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