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Steady-State Perennials and One Big Weed
July 22, 2019
Numbers for graphic novel sales by content category this month show steady-state perennials and one big week.
Column by Rob Salkowitz
July 22, 2019
Rob Salkowitz shares his impressions of the greatest show on earth.
As Eclectic Mix Takes Prizes
July 21, 2019
A wide variety of genres, publishers, and creators took awards at the 2019 Eisner Awards ceremony on Friday night.
Geek TV Round-Up
July 21, 2019
We round up some of the news from the world of geek TV from the past week.
1st High-Def Edition Is Loaded With Extras & Collectibles
July 19, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: Warner Bros. Animation has announced the October 15 release of the first high-definition release of the groundbreaking 52-episode 1999-2001 Batman Beyond animated series developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett.
Six Games in First Wave
July 18, 2019
Funko showcases its new line of collectible strategy board games, Funkoverse.
Ongoing Monthly Comic Debuts in October
July 17, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: DC Comics has announced a new ongoing monthly Birds of Prey comic, starring Harley Quinn, Black Canary, and The Huntress, will debut on October 30.
12-Issue Maxi-Series Debuts in October
July 17, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: DC Comics has announced that, as part of the celebration of Batman’s eightieth anniversary, Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch are working together again on The Batman’s Grave , a 12-issue monthly maxi-series.
Year-Long Series Ties In with ‘Dark Knights: Metal’
July 17, 2019
Metal Men returns with a solo series written by DC Publisher Dan Dido.
Twisted Takes on Major DC Universe Events
July 16, 2019
San Diego Comic-Con News: On the eve of the San Diego Comic-Con DC Comics has announced a new series of one-shots in which DC’s top writers and artists provide a new and terrifying take on key events (and storylines) in the DC continuity.
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