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With Live-Action Series Streaming on Netflix, Dark Horse to Put Entire Series Online
March 27, 2024
A month after the live-action series launched on Netflix, Dark Horse Comics announces plans to put all its Avatar: The Last Airbender comics online.
New Deck-building Game by The Op
March 15, 2024
The Op Games revealed Avatar: The Last Airbender - Aang's Destiny, a new deck-building game.
Showbiz Round-up
January 29, 2024
Hollywood is heading towards its Oscars season, and the news keeps coming. Time for another showbiz round-up!
Showbiz Round-up
November 13, 2023
The strikes are over, productions are getting back on track, and it's time for a showbiz round-up!
'Crossroads of Destiny'
June 30, 2023
Funko Games announced Avatar: The Last Airbender - Crossroads of Destiny, a new board game.
New Original Graphic Novel, New Omnibus Set for Later This Year
February 6, 2023
Dark Horse Comics has a new graphic novel and a new omnibus scheduled for release in late summer/early fall 2023.
'Trial Deck,' 'Booster Pack,' 'Supply Set'
January 6, 2023
The new set will appear in both Trial Deck and Booster Pack formats, and will be supported with a set of accessories.
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