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Set For 2011 Debut
October 6, 2010
Six years after it was initially announced, the 4-issue Batman: Europa mini-series is set to debut in January of 2011.
'Batman: Under the Red Hood,' 'G.I. Joe: The Movie,' & 'Sgt. Bilko'
July 26, 2010
Non-theatrical animated features, Batman: Under the Red Hood and G.I. Joe: The Movie top this week's DVD offerings.
Animated in July
April 27, 2010
Warner Bros. Animation will release Batman : Under the Red Hood on DVD and Blu-ray on July 27th.
But Most January Titles Drop
February 16, 2009
Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #583 road President Obama’s coattails to a record-setting total of 352,953.
Returning Titles Finish on Top
January 19, 2009
The final issue of Marvel’s Secret Invasion miniseries topped comic sales by a wide margin in December.
''Watchmen,' the Top Graphic Novel
January 12, 2009
Marvel’s Secret Invasion #1 was the bestselling comic book of 2008.
Event Books Stay on Top
November 17, 2008
Sales to comic stores on the top titles in October appear to have slipped, with only two titles in the top 25 eking out an increase over the previous month's issues.
In June
March 11, 2008
WizKids will release DC HeroClix: Batman Four-Figure Booster on June 4th, during the run-up to the next Batman film, which will premiere on July 18th.
Animation, TV, Comic-based Figures
August 10, 2002
DC Direct is moving beyond just comic book fans by with offerings that feature Justice League Animated and Super Friends versions of the DC heroes that should have a strong appeal to animation aficionados.
Hour-long Drama Series
May 15, 2002
The networks are releasing their fall schedules and the WB, which scored a major hit with Smallville last season, is bringing that series back for a second season and adding another comic-based series from the Smallville producing team.
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