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How To Profit From the 80s Revival
June 23, 2002
An ICv2 release. ICv2, with the support of sponsors Dark Horse Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors, is launching its 'Better Than Ever' promotion,
With More Info & Tools For Retailers
August 13, 2003
Dark Horse Comics has completed a major revamping of its retailer Website. The revamped site is up and running and available right now for use by direct market retailers.
To Create & Distribute Limited Theatrical Releases & Direct-to-Video DVDs
June 24, 2004
Dark Horse has announced a strategic partnership with home video producer and distributor Image Entertainment.
On Manga and Top Creators
January 7, 2008
In Part 2, we talk about Dark Horse's role in bringing manga titles to the States, and its long-standing relationships with top creators.
Both 'Classic' and 'Movie'
February 26, 2008
Dark Horse has announced a major lineup of licensed merchandise for release in 2008.
Mouse Guard Wins 2
July 29, 2008
Dark Horse with five outright awards and DC Comics with four led all publishers in the 2008 Eisners.
'Hellboy' Snatches 3
July 26, 2009
There weren’t a lot of surprises at the Eisners this year. Dark Horse’s Hellboy collected three awards and Chris Ware won two.
'Dark Horse Presents' Returns to Print
July 23, 2010
Publisher Mike Richardson revealed that Dark Horse had received orders for 80,000 copies of the Troublemaker graphic novel.
In Late 2011
August 19, 2010
There appears to be a consolidation occurring in the comics quadrant of the Whedonverse.
Part of the Revival of 'Comic's Greatest World'
October 12, 2012
Joe Casey joins DHC's revival of Comic's Greatest World .
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