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Solo Game by Lucky Duck Games
May 24, 2023
Lucky Duck Games will release Paper App Dungeon, a new solo game, into retail.
Marvel, IDW Titles with May 24 Release Dates Affected
May 22, 2023
Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing comics with May 24 release dates will be delayed.
New 24-hour 'D&D' Content Streaming Service Launching Summer 2023
May 15, 2023
Hasbro's eOne revealed the Dungeons & Dragons Adventures FAST Channel, a new 24-hour D&D content streaming service.
R.L. Stine Graphic Novel, New Batman Titles, Diverse Array of Manga
May 15, 2023
R.L. Stine's first graphic novel for adults made the charts, along with several new Batman books and an unusually varied assortment of manga.
Blockbusters Give Sales a Boost on Author, Superhero Charts
May 15, 2023
Sales of Author and Superhero titles were up, with blockbuster titles topping both charts.
'Dungeons and Dragons'5E Live-play Session on Stage; Also, GAMA Runs Gaming Track
May 12, 2023
The Game Manufacturers Association and Six Sides of Gaming have partnered up with Anime Central to offer Celebrity Side Quest, a Dungeons and Dragons 5E live-play session on stage.
And the Rest of Flying Buffalo's RPG Line
May 11, 2023
Rebellion has announced the acquisition of Tunnels & Trolls, the classic Flying Buffalo Inc. roleplaying game.
'D&D' Board Games, Merch, and More
May 8, 2023
ICv2 got a chance to drop by the WizKids showcase room and take pictures of the new board games and merch at GAMA Expo 2023.
Featuring Penny Arcade's 'Acquisitions Incorporated'
May 4, 2023
Dire Wolf and Penny Arcade are teaming up for Clank! Legacy 2: Acquisitions Incorporated – Darkest Magic.
In Deal with Blacklist Games
May 3, 2023
Steamforged has made a deal with Blacklist Games to acquire the rights to Altar Quest.
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