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Long-Running Anime Is Highest Rated Series In Japan
July 6, 2003
Funimation Productions has acquired the rights to Meitantei Conan ( Detective Conan ), the highest rated anime series in Japan.
Maximizing Allocations
July 6, 2003
Dennis Schamp, General Manager of the Comic Gallery stores in San Diego, California saw Scott Prolux' comments on WizKids allocations and sent us his tips on getting what he needs for his stores.
From IDW
June 25, 2003
Steve Niles, creator of Dark Days , 30 Days Of Night and Criminal Macabre , is back with a new five-part mini-series, Wake the Dead.
Classic Gross-Out Series Returns
June 10, 2003
Just as America's children trudge back to school, Topps will provide them with the slyly subversive Garbage Pail Kids .
Golden Apple Comics on Jimmy Kimmel Live
May 7, 2003
ABC late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live ran a taped segment Wednesday, May 7 in which co-host Patton Oswalt visited Los Angeles comic retailer Bill Liebowitz at his Melrose Avenue Golden Apple store.
Originator of Free Comic Book Day
May 4, 2003
Joe Field is the Concord, California retailer who originally came up with the idea for the worldwide Free Comic Book Day promotion, which was held for the second time last Saturday.
Big Opening Should Buoy Free Comic Book Day
April 30, 2003
There is no doubt that X2: X-Men United will blitz the box office this weekend, it's just a matter of by what multiple it will top the sum of all the other movies in theaters during the first weekend in May.
Six SKUs, Beginning this Summer
April 28, 2003
The Cartoon Network is planning a series of limited edition maquettes, based on its proprietary animated series, which will be released only through Diamond to the comic store market (and sold on the Cartoon Network Website).
New Limited Edition Love Hina Statue
April 27, 2003
Tokyo Mint has announced the October release of Mitsune Konno in Purple , the sixth in its series of limited edition Love Hina collectible statues.
Based on Sales During March
April 27, 2003
Beginning this month, we're beginning a new phase in our reporting on top comic and graphic novel sales. Diamond Comic Distributors, the largest distributor of comics in the U.S., has changed its sales reporting methodology...
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