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'Hammer of Thor: Thor's Mighty Chariot'

NECA Giveaway at Diamond Retailer Summit

Published: 09/18/2009, Last Updated: 09/21/2009 12:03am

To celebrate its acquisition of the WizKids brand NECA will reward each store visiting the Diamond/Alliance 2009 Retailer Summit (Oct. 11-13) by providing a free Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor: Thor’s Mighty Chariot figure.  Earlier this week NECA announced that it had acquired the WizKids brand and that the popular Marvel & DC HeroClix CMGs, which sold well at both comic shops and game stores, would continue.


The massive giveaway figure explodes above its two-inch multi-dial base with the Thunder God at the reins of his mighty cloud-soaring chariot.  With a game-play value of 500 points, this is a figure that every Marvel HeroClix player will love.  The Hammer of Thor: Thor’s Mighty Chariot HeroClix figure will be strictly limited to one per store. 

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