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'Canterlot Nights,' The 1st Expansion for the 'MLP CCG'

Due in April

Published: 01/26/2014 09:53pm
Enterplay has announced the April, 2014 release of My Little Pony: Canterlot Nights, the first expansion for the My Little Pony Collectible Card GameCanterlot Nights introduces Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as all-new main characters for players to build their decks around.
Canterlot Nights will be available in 12-card booster packs (MSRP $3.49) and 59-card theme decks ($10.99).  The new expansion provides new versions of main characters, powerful new friends, new mechanics, and more.
Just as IDW Publishing's My Little Pony comic book was a hit in comic shops, Enterplay’s My Little Pony CCG has been a solid success in hobby game stores (see "'MLP CCG' Trending in Hobby").
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