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Jim Crocker of Modern Myths on Same-Sex Marriage in Comics

''Fact' Is No Longer a Fact'

Published: 11/30/2012 03:11am
Jim Crocker of Modern Myths, Inc. in Northampton, Massachusetts has been catching up on his ICv2 Talk Back reading and responds to previous remarks made by Ed West on the subject of same-sex marriage in comic books.
Catching up on some reading form earlier in the year, I came across one of Ed West's appeals for us to all just turn back the clock (see "Ed West on Keeping Personal Politics Out of Comics"), and noticed this:
"There is no sense of alienation that I'm aware of regarding portrayals of people in comic books, but there are good reasons why people are offended by comic books promoting gay marriage and gay behavior.  The fact is, same-sex marriage was voted down in every state where it was on the ballot."
That 'fact' is no longer a fact.  If only he'd waited until November!
And, yes, of course, there are reasons why people are offended by comic books 'promoting' (though I prefer 'showing' or 'depicting', of course) two people engaged in something as deeply subversive as a loving, monogamous relationship.  He misspoke in that there remain no *good* ones.
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