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Column by Marcus King
December 21, 2016
This week, King describes what it means to take personal accountability as a retailer.
Sales Estimates for November Based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data
December 12, 2016
These are estimates of the sales on graphic novels by Diamond U.S. to comic specialty stores during November 2016.
Week of December 13, 2016
December 11, 2016
With Tuesday just twelve days from Christmas there is one last major wave of home entertainment releases for 2016 led by David Ayers’ Suicide Squad , a box office hit that somehow, in spite of its success, didn’t manage to dispel the lingering gloom th
In 'Legends of Alola Tins'
December 06, 2016
The Legends of Alola will be the theme for the next round of collector tins for the Pokemon Trading Card Game.
And 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon' Get Record Launch
December 01, 2016
The Pokemonification of American culture continues apace.
After 96% Decline
November 29, 2016
Niantic is making changes to its Pokemon Go mobile game to bring back some of the millions of users who no longer play regularly.
Leading to Fully Sponsored World Finals in Japan
November 23, 2016
Bushiroad has announced its Bushiroad Championship Series for 2017, renaming the Bushiroad World Championship from previous years, as well as changing the tournament format and structure.
Holographic Pokemon Illustrator
November 22, 2016
This week a rare Japanese Pokemon TCG card sold for nearly $55,000 at Heritage Actions.
Column by Scott Thorne
November 20, 2016
This week, Thorne talks about the potential of a Local Game Store Day.
Company Shares Trailers for New Season, New Movie
November 17, 2016
The Pokemon Company International and Disney DX announced a multi-year animation distribution deal.
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