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One-Shot Prequels
December 18, 2016
Marvel is primed to kick off its ResurrXion initiative this spring with two new one-shots.
From Diamond Book Distributors
December 16, 2016
Joe Books LTD has entered into a distribution agreement with Hachette Client Services for distribution of its book format products, the company announced.
From Marvel Comics
December 16, 2016
Here is a preview of The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 from Marvel Comics.
By Butch Hartman, Afua Richardson
December 15, 2016
Diamond Comic Distributors has revealed the t-shirt and poster designs for Free Comic Book Day 2017.
For 'Mighty Captain Marvel,' 'Hulk,' and 'Amazing Spider-Man - Renew Your Vows'
December 15, 2016
Here is an exclusive look at three Marvel Venomized variants coming in March.
Adds Special Event for February
December 14, 2016
WizKids announced it will be changing the release schedule for 2017 HeroClix OP Kits.
Column by Steve Bennett
December 14, 2016
This week, Bennett talks about Wonder Woman's U.N. Ambassadorship ending, Man-Thing, and DC/Hanna-Barbera Team-Ups.
Shares Three New Jusko Covers
December 14, 2016
Marvel is lowering the ordering thresholds for the Joe Jusko Corner Box Variant series releasing in February. The publisher also shared these new covers.
Hollywood Tie-Ins, All-Ages Books, Top Secret Events
December 12, 2016
Diamond has announced the 12 Gold Sponsor comic book list for FCBD 2017.
In Flat Season
December 12, 2016
The Big Two comic publishers, Marvel and DC, increased their title counts dramatically this fall, but dollar sales didn’t follow, according to an analysis by ICv2 based on information provided by Diamond Comic Distributors.
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