Geek Showbiz Round-Up
December 5, 2022

Meteorological winter is here, and an blustery storm of Hollywood news has come in. Time for a showbiz round-up!

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8 Vivid Colors
December 5, 2022
Ultra PRO's new Vivid Collection of gaming accessories is out now, and it’s making quite an impression, with eight new color options to choose from across a variety of products.
Column by Scott Thorne
December 5, 2022
This week, columnist Scott Thorne reflects upon the late Ed Pugh's impact on the games industry.
More Pilkey, More Graphix, and More to Come
December 5, 2022
All of Dav Pilkey's books return to the chart for the first time in three months.
A Mixed Picture Going Into the Holiday Season
December 5, 2022
Despite the holiday bump, the kids trends don't look good.
They Came in Through the Ceiling to Rob One Store
December 4, 2022
The burglars broke into one store through the ceiling and probably never touched the floor.
From Dynamite Entertainment
December 2, 2022
Here's a preview of Gargoyles #1, published by Dynamite Entertainment.
New Horror Game Designed by Scott Rogers
December 2, 2022
Trick or Treat Studios released new information on Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Game, a new horror survival game designed by Scott Rogers.
Stan Sakai, Katie Cook Collaborate on First Full-Length 'Bone' OGN in Over 10 Years
December 2, 2022
For the first full-length Bone graphic novel in over a decade, Smith is working with with Stan Sakai, Katie Cook, and others.
New RPG Game Term Will Appear in 'One D&D' Books
December 2, 2022
A member of the D&D Beyond staff posted a note on their blog stating that Dungeons & Dragons RPG will no longer use "race" as a game term starting with One D&D.
One for General Trade, One for Direct Market Only
December 2, 2022
One cover will be exclusive to the direct market.
'The Forgotten Age Investigator Expansion' and 'The Forgotten Age Campaign Expansion'
December 2, 2022
Fantasy Flight Games announced The Forgotten Age Investigator Expansion and The Forgotten Age Campaign Expansion, the next repackaged expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.
Solitaire Kids Game by Ludoismo
December 2, 2022
Devir Games will release MazEscape Kids: Hipnos, a new solitaire kids game, into retail.