View from the Game Store is a bi-weekly column by Marcus King, Director of Retail Operations at Troll and Toad Games & Comics in London, Kentucky.  This week, King talks about the how and why of being open on Thanksgiving.

This won't be a habit, just a one-off.  But, I hope it will inspire others to do similar events in their stores, or in their communities.

This year we have started a new tradition (I hope).

This is the 29th Thanksgiving for which I have been the owner or manager of a games & comics store.  And, for the first time, my store will be open on Thanksgiving.  No, neither Walmart nor Target, not Sears nor Roebuck had any influence on this.  It was both personal and professional evolution.

Years ago, when I had my game store in Michigan, I was closed for every holiday.  July 4th, Easter, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Memorial Day.  One year we decided to be open on July 4th, and it was a good day of sales.  The next year we were open Easter, July 4th and then Labor Day.  Eventually we were only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Some of the holidays are solid sales days.  In fact, most have been.

Four years ago I moved to Kentucky.  Now, all my relatives in this area either live with me, or work with me.  Or both.  So, Thanksgiving is something I want to use to be involved with the local community more.  So, this year, my wife and I decided to make a change.

Thanksgiving this year we are going to be open from noon ‘til 6 p.m.  We will start our cool weekend of sales (most items will be Buy One at Regular Price, Get 50% Off Second Item).

But, the real change: We will be serving some food.  Turkey, ham, fixins.  And, that will be next to free!!

Either a couple of canned goods, or $2 thrown into a can for the local Abuse Shelter.

And, we have been gearing up for this event!  Bought and brought in a LOT of new merchandise.  Bought comic collections, Dungeons & Dragons collectibles, hundreds of new DVD movies and sets, and hundreds of new action figures, dozens of board games, swords, apparel and more – all of which will be included in this sale, starting at Noon on Thursday, November 26th – and running through Sunday, November 29th.

From my vantage point, it's time for me to change gears a bit in life.  My family is blessed to be able to own a business and work together most days, enjoying each others’ company, and presence.  We've been fortunate. It’s time to share that good fortune with others – and though we have often donated to this cause or that cause - we decided this year to do a bit more.  To share with our customers, while also helping out those who need it.

So, if you have a chance, stop in to our shop and share a meal with us, and provide some help to the local abuse shelter.  Or, even better: Organize such an event at YOUR local store!!

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