Tokyopop will capitalize on the success of Disney Channel crazes High School Musical and Hannah Montana by releasing Cine-Manga volumes based on the properties.


A Cine-Manga volume based on High School Musical and the first two volumes of Hannah Montana (with volume three TBA) will hit in September. Each book will retail for $7.99.


The success of High School Musical has been non-stop ever since it premiered over a year ago. In that time, it racked up the highest Disney Channel premiere ever with 7.7 million viewers, a chart-topping quadruple-platinum soundtrack and DVD sales in the millions.


Not to be outdone, Hannah Montana averages viewership in the millions and also had a number one album with the show's soundtrack.


Tokyopop's Cine-Manga titles have been among its most successful publications (for example, see what it did with its Avatar Cine-Manga, see 'ICv2 News - 'Avatar Cine-Manga' Tops 500k').