Tokyopop is greatly expanding its offerings for younger readers in 2007, with Cine-Manga, original manga, and licensed manga all part of the mix.  This fall, in addition to the Cine-Manga based on the Disney Channel blockbusters High School Musical and Hannah Montana (see 'Disney Channel Blockbusters'), three Cine-Manga one-shots will street.  Ratatouille, based on the Pixar movie that releases this summer, will be released to time with the DVD release in December.  Fairies, tied to the Disney Tinker Bell movie, and Enchanted, tied to the November film release starring Amy Adams, James Marsden, and Susan Sarandon, will both release this fall.  Fairies and Enchanted will be cross-promoted with Disney Princess Magazine. 


Tokyopop's co-branded manga titles with HarperCollins, which kick off in May with Warriors:  The Lost Warrior, based on the books by Erin Hunter, continue with Avalon High:  Coronation in July.  Avalon High:  Coronation is the sequel to bestselling author Meg Cabot's Avalon High novel, and it will benefit from substantial cross-promotion to Cabot fans.  In addition to Web and e-mail promotions, it will also receive exposure in the print campaign for Cabot's next novel, which will reach millions of readers. 


This fall, a third collaboration between HarperCollins and Tokyopop, Vampire Kisses Blood Relatives, will ship.  Set in the Vampire Kisses universe created by Ellen Schreiber in her novel series, this first in a planned three-volume manga series will feature art by rem and a script by Schreiber. 


Tops among Tokyopop's licensed manga series for kids will undoubtedly be its new series based on Kingdom Hearts, the hit videogame (see '5.8 Million Kingdom Hearts Games in North America').  Kingdom Hearts II, Vol. 1 will ship in July.