Hobby Japan will release manga in Japan based on its Queen's Blade property, which was originally developed in game books using the Origins Award-winning Lost Worlds game system originated by Nova Games in the early 80s.  The first in an oversize full color manga series titled Queen's Blade Bitoshi Gaiden (Queen's Blade Beautiful Warrior Side Stories) will be released in Japan around the end of this month.  Each book in the series will be released with an accompanying drama CD.  The series will provide backstory for the Queen's Blade characters developed for the game books. 


A Queen's Blade manga anthology will also be released later this month, with a cover by My HiME designer Hisayuki Hirokazu. The stories, by a number of different artists, will not be part of the official Queen's Blade canon.


Queen's Blade mousepads, PVCs, resin kits, and trading figures are also planned. 


Hobby Japan has released twelve Queen's Blade game books to date. 


Game books based on the Lost Worlds system have been released by a number of publishers in the States, including Flying Buffalo and 1% Inspiration.