ComicsPro, the comic retailer organization formed in 2005, held its first trade event in Las Vegas last week, with about 60 retailers from 45 companies attending.  That represents nearly half of the 95 member companies of the organization.  The attending companies represented around 70 storefronts, also around half of the 140 to 150 storefronts owned by the ComicsPro member companies.  The annual retail sales represented by the attending companies were probably over $20 million.


The size range of the attending stores was large, from some of the largest retailers in the country to very small or newer retailers.  The geographic spread was also wide, bringing together a substantial number of the 30 states from which the membership is drawn. 


On the first day, the organization conducted its internal business; the second was devoted to roundtables, meetings with suppliers, and reviewing demos of POS systems.  


DC, Diamond/Alliance, WizKids, Virgin, and IDW were sponsors of the event.  Image 'contributed to sponsoring' the event.  And Dark Horse, Dynamite, and Marvel provided 'material support.'


The membership is deliberating the location of next year's meeting; the timing will be similar so the meetings end up being roughly a year apart.