A Los Angeles television station with the provocative call letters 'KCOP' sent three underage boys into famed LA comic shop Golden Apple with the express purpose of attempting to purchase adult comics.  The boys, who were wired with hidden audio and video devices, were able to buy some adult comics including Horny Biker Sluts.  The clerk who sold the boys the comics reportedly commented that, if challenged, he would say that they looked old enough to him.  When confronted by reporters, outraged Golden Apple proprietor Bill Leibowitz tossed the camera crew which came to interview him about the 'incident,' which, of course, made for just the kind of TV that this entrapping form of investigative journalism is trying to create.  Leibowitz was unavailable for comment on this story.


This incident should put all retailers who carry adult material on guard.  For one thing, many television stations have affiliates in numerous markets, and if a story like this attracts major publicity and attention, similar campaigns are sure to be mounted in other cities. Of course, if it's not a TV station looking for sensational headlines for sweeps week, it could be a newspaper, radio station, or local district attorney looking to make a reputation as a 'protector of children,' so retailers should make sure that their employees realize the importance of making sure that the purchasers of adult material are indeed adult and that adult material is not displayed where underage patrons can view it.


Located on Melrose Ave, Golden Apple is one of the most celebrated comic and pop culture shops in the country.  Since this story aired on the local UPN affiliate, it's unlikely that more than a handful of people saw it; let's hope that the most important outcome is that there's a cautionary tale for all concerned.