MTV's Movie Blog is claiming that Avi Arad has confirmed that Academy Award-winner Hilary Swank will make a cameo appearance in Jon Favreau's Iron Man movie that is due out next summer.  Even as Arad confirmed Ms. Swank's appearance he also appeared to admit that Samuel L. Jackson would also have small role in Iron Man as Cold War superspy Nick Fury foreshadowing the release of a Nick Fury film, which is one of the next projects on the Marvel Studios' docket.


Now that Marvel is making its own movies it is free to cross-promote its heroes and fans should be prepared for a steady barrage of crossover cameos teasing future films especially since Marvel is now down to making films with characters that require some introducing to the mass audience that doesn't read comics.  Arad told MTV: 'It's because now we have control over the properties.  Now we can mix and match.  It used to be different studios having different characters -- you try to get three major studios to sit together and cross-promote -- it's too tough.'


The question is will Hilary Swank be a female S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or will she be the star of a film centered on a female Marvel superhero?