Dark Horse announcements from Comic-Con continue with a new series from CLAMP and the launch of Myspace Dark Horse Presents as well as an Evil Dead adaptation, a new project from Matt Broome, and a horror graphic novel from Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson. 


Myspace Dark Horse Presents launched on Friday, and like the print version of the anthology series published from 1986-2000, Myspace DHP will feature exclusive content from current and rising stars, but unlike the print version, access to Myspace DHP is free. 


The first issue features a new character from writer Joss Whedon and artist Fabio Moon in Sugar Shock; The Umbrella Academy from artist Gabriel Ba and Gerard Way (lead singer from My Chemical Romance); Samurai by Ron Marz and Luke Ross; and Comic-Con Murder Mystery from Rick Geary.  New issues will be posted the first week of every month, with the second issue hitting the first week of September.


The popular group of Japanese female manga creators CLAMP, is set to do a series of 'mangettes' for Dark Horse slated to launch in spring 2009 simultaneously in the U.S., Japan, and Korea.  The mangettes will be 80-page monthly digests which will eventually be combined into a collected trade paperback with additional material.  (In Japanese, mangestsu (mangettes) means either 'fulfilled' or 'monthly.')


Dark Horse plans to release a four-part adaptation of the classic horror movie, Evil Dead, starting in November 2008 featuring art from John Bolton and story by Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica).


End League teams artist Mat Broome with creator Rick Remender for a post-apocalyptic superhero adventure, due out in fall.  And, Mike Richardson (The Secret, Cravan) tells a new horror story in an original graphic novel, Cut, with pencils by Todd Herman (The Fog; The Goon: Noir) and finishes by Al Milgrom and Dave Stewart.  Cut tells the tale of a girl who wakes up as a captive in an old house but doesn't know how she got there.  Cut will be released in December.