Hermes Press Publisher Dan Herman told ICv2 about his publishing plans for 2008, which include books focusing on Will Eisner, Walt Kelly and Carl Barks plus a volume of European comics featuring 'Good Girl' art and a collection of storyboard art from famous movies.


Will Eisner and PS Magazine, by Paul Fitzgerald, scheduled for a March release next year, focuses on the magazine that Eisner worked on during his war years.  The book will feature a 'Good Girl' art cover by Eisner.


In May of 2008, Hermes is planning to release the Walt Kelly Career Retrospective, with significant coverage of his most popular creation, Pogo.


The following month brings The Unknown Carl Barks, which will focus on his animation work for Walt Disney.


Next up, and not yet scheduled to a specific month, is More Good Girl Art, a follow-up to Hermes Press' previous collection of classic pin-up art.  This book will be comprised of European comics stories featuring alluring 'Good Girl' artwork.


Finally, the book that most excites Herman, will be The Hidden Art of Hollywood, a major production featuring storyboards from 75 famous movies.  This book is scheduled for a pre-Christmas release.