Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff have received a nomination from the Motion Picture Academy in the category of 'Best Screenplay Adapted From Another Medium.'  The other medium in this case was Clowes' graphic novel Ghost World, which thanks to the success of the film has become Fantagraphics best-selling book ever (see 'Ghost World Still Going Strong').  In addition to the original graphic novel, Fantagraphics has also published The Ghost World Screenplay, which includes a facsimile of the original screenplay along with a color section designed by Clowes.  Also, next week Caricature, a collection of nine short graphic pieces by Clowes, comes out in softcover for the first time, so retailers who want to take advantage of Clowes' Oscar nomination will have plenty of ammunition.


Clowes and Zwigoff are nominated in a very competitive category.  The two films that many experts believe will be fighting it out for best picture, A Beautiful Mind and The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring have both been nominated in the same category along with the critically praised In the Bedroom and the mega blockbuster Shrek.  So it will tough for Clowes & Zwigoff to win the Oscar, but grabbing the nomination in the face of stiff competition is an honor in itself and it demonstrates the importance of Ghost World, which far outstrips its actual box office take.  Make no mistake Ghost World was a very influential film that has made a strong impression on the Hollywood creative community.  Its influence will be seen for years to come.