FUNimation's first Witchblade anime DVD, which was released on September 25th, had the best first week sales of any new anime series debuting in 2007 so far, but it was not the 'bestselling anime release of the year so far' as FUNimation originally announced (see 'Witchblade Tops Anime DVD Charts').  ICv2 questioned the statement in the FUNimation release based on information we received about the sales of Witchblade, which was a solid launch, but not the bestselling anime DVD of the year. 


FUNimation agreed that its original statement was unclear, and corrected its announcement to say, 'Witchblade volume one release is the best-selling anime home entertainment DEBUT release to date in 2007.'


Other 2007 anime releases including FUNimation's own Afro Samurai and Dragon Ball Z Season Sets sold more units during their first week than did Witchblade Vol. 1, but those are not other 'series debuts,' to which FUNimation was making comparisons.