GIT Corp. has announced that its license to produce DVD-ROMs containing complete archives of key Marvel titles will end at the end of 2007 because Marvel chose not to renew it.  This decision by Marvel was made in conjunction with its launch of a Website where comic archives can be viewed for a monthly subscription fee (see 'Marvel Launches Subscription Site' and 'Marvel's Dan Buckley on Sub Site'). 


GIT had produced collections of X-Men (see '40 Years of X-Men Comics'), Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Avengers, and more.  It will release two new titles in December:  Civil War -- The Complete Collection, and House of M -- The Complete Collection.  Limited quantities are available of the backlist titles, which will not be reprinted. 


Beginning in February 2008, GIT will release collections of Archie comics under a new three year license.