UDON Entertainment announced a number of new publishing projects at New York Anime Festival, including three Street Fighter miniseries.  Street Fighter II Turbo will be a 12-shot continuing the core story of UDON's Street fighter universe, with art by Chamba.  Street Fighter Legends:  Chun-Li will be a four-shot, with art by Omar Dogan.  And Street Fighter III:  New Generation, a six-shot, will feature art by Joe Ng and show what some of the classic characters are doing during the SFIII era.   


Other upcoming Capcom projects from UDON include two new Capcom Manga titles, Onimusha:  Twilight of Desire and Devil Kings Basara, plus Capcom art books including Onimusha Dawn of Dreams:  Official Complete Works and the Darkstalkers Graphic File. 


UDON also announced new manhwa titles, including Daring Students' Association, Dear Waltz, Reading Club, Evyione, and Chronicles of the Grim Peddler.