According to the ICv2 Guide #50: Anime/Manga the number of anime releases are decreasing compared to 2006, while the number of new manga new volumes continue to rise.  Both markets will be facing challenges in 2008 with anime affected by wide-spread illegal downloads and consumers who are content to wait for more economical thinpak collections, and manga publishers will continue to compete for finite shelf space for new and backlist volumes.


In the new GuideICv2 includes a survey of manga publishers that shows a likely 18% increase in the number of manga volumes published in 2008 vs. 2007, after a 35% increase in 2007 over 2006.  On the anime side, ICv2 found that the number of anime releases continues to decrease, with a decline of roughly 20% in 2007 not including the effects of Geneon's collapse in October.


The ICv2 Guide #50 has overviews and top release information for March and April manga, anime and Asian live action releases in North America, and reviews of contemporary manga and anime series by librarians and members of the ICv2 staff.  The Guide also contains ICv2's Top 25 Anime Properties list as well as its authoritative Top 50 Manga Properties list, based on sales across multiple channels.


Here are the top ten titles from each list:


ICv2's Top Ten Manga Properties for September-October 2007:

            1. Naruto

            2. Bleach

            3. Fruits Basket

            4. Death Note

            5. Kingdom Hearts

            6. Vampire Knight

            7. Pokemon

            8. Fullmetal Alchemist

            9.  Negima

            10. Gentlemen's Alliance


ICv2's Top Ten Anime Properties for September-October 2007

            1. Afro Samurai

2. Pokemon

3. Dragon Ball Z

4. Naruto

5. Bleach

6. Ghost in the Shell Solid State Society

7. Hellsing Ultimate

8. Witchblade

9. Final Fantasy Advent Children

            10. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


For information on how to obtain your copy of the ICv2Guide#50: Anime/Manga, with all the special feature articles, the complete Top Properties lists, and much more, see 'ICv2 Releases 'ICv2 Guide #50: Anime/Manga.'