This fall Tokyopop will publish Otsu-ichi's novel Goth as well as a one-volume manga adaptation by Kendi Ohishi (Welcome to the N.H.K.).  Fox Atomic has optioned Otsu-ichi's Goth, in which two "Goth" teenagers from very different backgrounds combine forces to solve six murders in their hometown.  Videogame writer J.T. Petty is both adapting and directing the Goth novel for Fox Atomic.  In Japan Kadokawa published both the novel, which won the Honkaku Mystery Prize, and the manga adaptation.



In September Tokyopop will publish the 192-page Goth manga, which will carry an 18+ age rating and retail for $10.99.  Tokyopop plans to cross-promote the manga in its Welcome to the N.H.K volumes as well as with the 248-page novel, which will be published in October with a cover price of $12.99.   In addition Tokyopop is planning a number of online promotions for the property including previews and contests.