In September Tokyopop is publishing the first volume in the three-volume manga adaptation of the Gonzo Speed Grapher anime series.  Like the anime series it is based on, the Speed Grapher manga explores mature themes (it's rated 18+) as a former war photographer investigates a secret fetish club that caters to Japan's rich and powerful.  The 192-page first volume from creators Tomozo and Yusuke Kozaki carries a cover price of $10.99.  Tokyopop plans to cross-promote the Speed Grapher manga with FUNimation, which has just released a low-priced complete edition of the Speed Grapher anime.


Tokyopop will release the second volume of the Speed Grapher manga in December along with a 248-page novelization of the anime series by Minoru Niki, which will retail for $9.99.