With a run of recent CCG sell-outs hitting the market (see “CCG Sell-Outs”), we asked CCG manufacturers a handful of questions about how they manage sell-out issues.  Upper Deck provided these responses.


What is Upper Deck’s goal in terms of time of sell-out--how long do you want to have product?

For the World of Warcraft TCG, our ideal situation is for each release to last through the end of the block, so that there is always enough available for players to participate in tournaments.  


Are you trying to have product sell out in all channels at once, or to have products in some channels last longer than others?

Of course we prefer to see product move through all channels equally.  Unfortunately, there will always be some who order more of a given product, and therefore might have that product available for longer than others who might have ordered less.

Are there ever circumstances in which Upper Deck might reprint a particularly successful set, or is that off the table?
If there is still significant consumer demand when supply is drying up, we will consider it.