At San Diego Top Cow announced a new imprint, Dini Cartoons that will feature humorous comics from animation savvy producer/writer Paul Dini.  The first comic to be published under the imprint will be Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein, which will be written by Dini and illustrated by Stephanie Gladden.  In spite of their “cartoony” nature and Dini’s background in producing Saturday morning cartoons, Top Cow’s Dini Cartoons are not “kids’ comics.”  Dini is going for a broad humorous tone leavened with enough satire and pop culture references to please older readers.


In Jingle Belle: Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein Dini has crafted a saga in which his heroine discovers Frankenstein’s monster wandering in the Artic wastes, finds him job in Santa’s workshop where all is well until an excessively politically correct city declares Old Saint Nick “taboo,” arousing the monster’s  considerable ire.